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Behind-the-scenes updates for Fox Valley Dog Training Club



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Email Privacy
An interesting, and only somewhat technical, read about how your email is not as secure as you think it is


Was That the Rapture?
It's not a good thing when you call up the ISP to close an account, and they close the wrong one. is restored, still working on getting email back


More Linux Fun
I think Linux on a server is unbeatable and Linux on the desktop is under-rated. Find some good advice for setting up your own machine at Endgadget

Source: Pick a Desktop Environment


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@KariByron A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking makes cosmology and physics accessible to the normal person.

Sep 5, 2017 12:35:02 PM

@lifeproof but not quite #puppyproof. #servicedog #servicedogintraining #puppyfail

Aug 22, 2017 7:27:07 AM

That little bit of nervous when you release 1.0 of a 6-month long project. #pleasePleaseWork

Jun 1, 2017 8:26:44 PM

David Lewis built my site from scratch around my personal needs, and I couldn?t be happier. He worked collaboratively with a graphic designer I hired and attended to details well. Best of all, he keeps it updated with accurate information. It has been great to have reliable service from the very beginning that I can still count on today.
Steve Layne, EDd
When I first went looking for someone to set up and manage a web site for me, a friend of mine, who is also an author-educator-consultant, recommended David C. Lewis and The David has not only been professional and timely in responding to my requests, he's a nice person with whom to work. Professional, intelligent, and considerate--wonderful qualities to find in someone who is there to help make your web site work for you!
I have had the pleasure of working with Dave on the St Charles Gymnastics Academy Booster website. No only did he make changes in a timely fashion, he also took the time to educate me on the basics of web design. I'm not very 'literate' with regards to technical computer/programming lingo, but that didn't stop Dave from taking the time to explain things in ways that I could understand. He is a great resource that I have come to rely on for computer issues beyond the confines of the website project.